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Anchora Ancora Expansion Bolt

Locus Origin:

Shanghai / Zhejiang , China

Notam nomen:

T, Y,

Model Number:

M5-M72, 1/4”--3”


ISO9001 2018,


Minimum Ordinis Quantity:

200kg aut Ex opus est


0.1usd-0.5 usd per Size

Packaging Details:

Mole in lobortis vel parva sarcina tunc grabatum

Tempus adferendi:

15-30 diebus vel secundum requiratur

Pensio conditio:

TT,LC , Unionis occidentalis

Facultates copiam:


Stainless chalybs Chalybe Dynabolt anchoram habemus sleeve Expansion Bolt Quick Detail:

1. business days for All Standard Item, Velocissimo ducens
2. Altera & ODM accepta est
3. Allen Bolts Supplier & Exporter Ex China
4. Partes peritissimi in manu ad consilium et solutiones peritia providere

Dynabolt Stainless Steel Sleeve Anchor Expansion Bolt Manufacturer & Supplier - T&Y Hardware:

Stainless steel sleeve anchor are the quickest, easy and flexible fastener anchoring system. The best and ideal depth for stainless steel sleeve anchor is at least four-bolt diameter or 2 inches. It can hold very heavy metal depending on size. T&Y Hardware is the leading stainless steel Expansion Bolt manufacturing company in China.
We export all types of fasteners include Concrete sleeve anchors, stainless steel dynabolts, and others. We are experienced in supplying high-quality standard fasteners worldwide. The stainless steel Expansion Bolt manufactured by T&Y Hardware are highly dependable. It is useable for any concrete, brick, or block.
T&Y Hardware offers you high-strength Stainless steel sleeve anchors expansion screws bolts for any size. For M6, M8, M10, M12, and M16, sleeve anchors bolts are also available. The thread diameter is 8 mm, and the total length is 70 mm. So this stainless steel sleeve anchor bolt is the best hex head type. This is a stainless steel exterior finish sleeve anchor bolts that are dependable for your project.

T&Y Hardware Offer The Best High-Quality Stainless Steel Sleeve Anchor Expansion Bolt to Export:

T&Y Hardware is a devoted hardware industry company that continuously researches the fastener and develops new, effective, and high-quality fastener. We design the best quality sleeve anchor bolts that are adaptable to use in fences, burglarproof doors, and windows, also for your home decoration and engineering projects, air conditioning, and others. It's very easy to set up with a wrench.
These are heavy-duty anchor bolts that will allow you to use them in any project. It can be a simple light project or a heavy project. One more advantage of stainless steel sleeve anchor bolts from T&Y Hardware is anti-corrosive. It is so environmentally friendly. For your indoor and outdoor environment, the stainless steel Expansion Bolt is the perfect one to use.
T&Y Hardware offers a large volume full range of stainless steel sleeve anchor bolts for export. Along with that, we offer you all types and sizes of stainless steel dynabolts, expansion sleeve anchor, hex head sleeve anchor, hex bolt sleeve anchor, hex nut sleeve anchor, and leg bolt sleeve. Whether you need a flat head stainless steel sleeve anchor bolts or a nut-driven stainless steel sleeve anchor bolt, T&Y Hardware is your most reliable fastener manufacturer.

Best Export Quality for Full Line of Sleeve Anchors Expansion Bolt - T&Y Hardware:

T&Y Hardware also offers a full line of sleeve anchors. Whether your project is with concrete, brick, block, or wood, you can rely on sleeve anchors screw and sleeve anchors bolts from us. Sleeve anchors for wood are also available for fast shipping.
T&Y Hardware is the most prominent leading fastener manufacturing company in china. We have plenty of satisfied customers from North America, Western Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. We are the ISO 90001: 2015 quality standard certified manufacturer. As an experienced hardware industry from 2009, T&Y Hardware always understands your pain point. We designed and decorated our product and service most customer-friendly, not to need any help while trading with us.
We are the fastest manufacturer of high-strength and high-quality stainless steel fasteners in china. We provide 100% exporting standard strong cartons with wooden pallets. If you need fast shipping, we can process it within ten days for stainless steel fasteners. We also offer custom offers to assist your project. Send your inquiry now to learn more about Sleeve Anchors Expansion Bolt  from T&Y Hardware. Download our catalog now.





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